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FairShare is the data privacy solution that lets you take control of your data and get paid for sharing it with businesses online.

It’s your data. Don’t let businesses use it however they want.

You know that online businesses are collecting your data and profiting from it. FairShare puts your data back in your hands and compensates you when you choose to share your data with businesses you trust.

Your Data, your choice

With FairShare, you’re in control. You choose which businesses can access your data, what kind of data they can access and you can revoke access at any time.

Total transparency

When a business accesses your data, FairShare creates an unchangeable record, so you’ll always know when, how and by whom your data is being used.

Get your FairShare

It’s your data, so you should benefit from it. Earn DataCreds every time a business accesses your data, and redeem those credits for cash, special offers and more!

FairShare believes the world would be a better place if everyone benefited from the sharing of data online.

With so many businesses collecting your personal information online, it’s easy to feel like you have no say in the matter. At FairShare, we believe your data should belong to you. That means that you get to decide who can use your data and what data they can use. Most importantly, when a business accesses your data, you’re compensated for it – it is your data after all!

FairShare cares about your data privacy rights.

FairShare is powered by Appreciation Engine (AE). For over 10 years, AE has advocated for consumer data rights and today,  keeps the data of over 15 million users safe and secure.  FairShare promises to hold our privacy practices to the same high standard as AE.

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